Hire 1 High-End SDR or BDR Pro earning > $60k


It’s not easy to keep up-to-date with the latest hiring technologies when you are busy running a business.  We have a full HR technology stack, and team of HR experts, and we’ll help you source, select and hire a great Sales Development Representative.

If you’re not happy or the person we hire does not last 90 days, we will help you to find another or refund your money.

*To qualify, this person has to be earning less than $60k / year, including salary, commissions, bonuses and any equity.


  • We will do a detailed measurement of what your ideal hire is most like

  • We will source from more than 30,000 candidates

  • We will thoroughly assess each candidate on personality, interests, sales persona, references and voice and interview quality

  • We will apply predictive analytics developed from over 10,000 SDR’s tested historically

  • We will only present the best matching candidates to you